Vision and Mission

Our vision is to help you go through life, not avoiding obstacles or living

in fear; but to face it with CLARITY, COURAGE and PURPOSE.  We aim to provide you with the ability to look in the mirror and see person we see...the Invincible You.

Our mission is to provide you with the keys to unlock your inner strength so you can enjoy the successes waiting for you on the other side of your self-created boundary.  It’s time to END your painful cycles, for GOOD. That’s right, our mission is to make sure that you enjoy being in your own skin; think positively, have a healthy bank account, fulfilling work, emotional well-being and a positive family environment.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is absolutely possible! Our founder & head coach Carmen Davenport built this total healing experience from successfully overcoming many traumas herself and helping others conquer through theirs.


Do you need Clarity, Confidence and Purpose for Your Life



  • We can help you clearly see the big picture, so your problems appear smaller and more manageable.
  • We can help you achieve your known and unknown goals a lot faster.
  • As we navigate you through obstacles, you will gain increased power over old habits, fears, limiting beliefs and self-doubt. We got you!



  • True confidence can identify and courageously grab opportunities most people fear to strive for.
  • A confident person experiences healthy and harmonious relationships with people.  He/she is not bothered by jealousy, doubt or insecurities from past traumas.
  • Confidence guides you to your perfect job, pay for high value worth, your desired spouse and a long awaited freedom to live the life you want! 
  • Any of this apply to you?  Together, we can help you achieve your desires!   



  • The thing that seems so illusive for most people, is obvious to us.  You will know your purpose after we've worked through your known and unknown blocks
  • You deserve to live a life that you not only enjoy but are proud of.
  • Create challenges that excite you instead of causing depression, anxiety, worry, anger and despair.    


You are one call away from your desired success!

Ready for your 30 Minute Complimentary Coaching Consultation?

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Invincible You Coaching will help you find your true purpose and help you live your ideal life!

Invincible You Coaching

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